Sunday, December 14, 2003

Living in a condo unit can get confining.
Thank God I have a place I can hop off to for a change of scenery - my parents' house in Antipolo. A community built on a steepy hill where the air is freshly crisp and the view is breathtaking.
We fondly call it *the alps* albeit without the snow.
Every item in that house has a sentimental value so its like going down memory lane. It has been a while since I last went there so yesterday I stayed as long as I could.
Even without an internet connection, I never run out of things to do there.
Combing through my stuff at my old room, browsing through old photo albums, rummaging through my closet to find clothes that would still fit me, searching for that pair of shoes I know would go well with my new outfit, finding trinkets I can display on my bedside table at the condo.
Sundays are my kikay days.
I read the sunday editions of the Inquirer and Philippine Star from cover to cover - in bed.
I paint my toe nails - today its bright red - describes my mood.
I pluck my eyebrows - major ouch!
I put stuff on my hair - Im glad I found the treatment product that suits me or else I would put mayonnaise. Yes! Mayonnaise!

Now quit laughing!

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