Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Things that vexes me
Some things seem to flare up my temper just like that. It frustrates me that I have such a third world internet connection! My friends in other parts of the world laugh when I tell them I still use dial up to get connected. Once Im logged on, it is really slow and I keep getting disconnected at the wrong times possible - while Im downloading an mp3 song, or chatting with friends who I only see once in a blue moon due to the time difference. Grrr!

I also hate it when people in the beauty salons keep insisting I have my hair straightened. I believe I am one of the few women left in this country who still has wavy curly hair. Guess what? I've lived with it for the past 35 years and I love it just the way it looks.

I find it odd that some restaurants just serve Pepsi products. I prefer to be given the choice to choose whatever softdrinks pleases me which in this case is Coca Cola. Diet Coke to be specific - and please don't tease me that Im trying to diet or don't want to get fat. I just prefer the taste of this low calorie soda compared to the regular Coke.

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