Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Christmas shopping
I felt it was time I started shopping for the Yuletide season. It isnt really a long list since I have decided to just give cash to my inaanaks (godchildren) this year.
So first stop was Robinson's Galleria. Dressed comfortably in jeans, loose t-shirt and comfy shoes, I raided the shoes stores for affordable bags which will be good giveaways for relatives living in the US. Im the type of shopper that heads straight to the shops where I know I will make a purchase. I hate to buy on an impulse.

Having accomplised that - it was time to look for baby dresses for a cousin who is pregnant with her first child. Now this was more tricky than I expected. With a wide variety of clothes available for infants of all ages and sizes, I couldn't decide at all. It was fun though seeing all those cute items. I didn't know that they cost that much. I can't only imagine how much parents spend on their infants. Ever the sarcastic, I jokingly said - the baby should just spend his early years wrapped in a blanket till he is old enough to work for his clothes. Im positive though that I will eat my words once I find myself in a predicament whether to buy the pink smock or the lime green frock for my own baby one day! Maybe I should start saving for them now and not waste my money on shoes. OH wait I need to find someone silly enough to marry me first before I think of babies. Hmmm

Anyways I still have a few days to go shopping and I intend to go to the tiangges (bazaars) scattered all over the city. That will be such an adventure - something I look forward to each year.

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