Friday, December 12, 2003

Trista and Ryan
I dont know them personally but I have spent countless hours reading about them on the internet. Im referring to the couple that made the reality show "The Bachelorette" a huge hit. They showed it on Studio 23 earlier this year.

The premise of the show was simple - Trista had to pick one "Prince Charming" among 25 guys she dated. Each week she had to eliminate the ones who were not worthy of her attention till she narrowed it down to just two guys.
She picked Ryan, the firefighter from Vail, Colorado.

Their whirlwind romance ended happily yesterday when they exchanged their marital vows. A lavish wedding ceremony befitting a love story which unfolded in front of the whole world with the public privy to all their moves. Never mind, if it was sponsored by ABC, the network that aired the show - which has paid them a reported $1 million to hold their wedding on national TV. Too bad I have to satisfy myself by simply clicking online as Studio 23 didn't show the wedding live.

But my point is that LOVE still does exist in this world even if it continues to elude me.
That there are still guys like Ryan who writes poetry and is not afraid to express his true feelings.
That women like Trista can find her "Prince Charming" and have her dream wedding.

Yeah yeah I know! People who look like them get everything in this world!

But a hopeless romantic like me can still dream, can't I?

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