Thursday, December 11, 2003

I received an email from my friend who is now based in the US. She was lamenting the fact that Fernando Poe, Jr (FPJ as he is known here), an actor just announced his bid to run in the 2004 elections as a presidential candidate. Glad that she wasn't living in the Philippines anymore since it is a sure thing he will be our next president and our country is doomed forever.

Hmmm valid point but Im still undecided as to whom I will vote for next year.
Since Ive barely stayed long enough in my own country to actually care who got my vote before - I seriously need to make my mind up now that Im back for good.
But would my vote really make a difference? I wonder!

Wasting 3 hours of my precious time just to register as a new voter at the municipal hall was tiring. The sight of the pathetic room which the Comelec uses as their office notwithstanding, I had to deal with an employee who thought it was amusing to question my status. I guess to ease the monotony of his job, a task that requires him to encode the voter's personal information as well as take the applicant's picture from the digital cam. He had the temerity to ask and I quote:
"Nagpapayaman ka pa ba? Ba't single ka pa rin?"
"Single ka pa nga ba o single singlelan lang?"
Which roughly translates to:
"Are you still enriching yourself? How come you are still single?."
"Are you really still single or just assuming a single status?"

Now, my friends, that's Pinoy humor for you.

All I could do was smile and tell him yes Im still single.

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