Thursday, January 08, 2004

Credit Cards
Firstly, i know it isnt the correct word but what the heck I like using it. It reminds me of my ex who also used to say crowdy instead of crowded. I didn't mind it since after all, english isn't his first language. What's up with me and my exes lately?

But I digress - I wanted to say that despite suggestions from my friends that I add pictures to my blog - I won't do it. It's just an outlet for me to whine, complain, bitch, rant and voice out my thoughts on everything under the sun. So it stays simple!

Why is it that when you feel like shit that's the time when the door bell never stops ringing? I woke up today with a sore throat and feeling little feverish.
Instead of resting, I had to force myself out of bed, looking like something the cat dragged in to:
- pay the guy who delivers the newspapers each day.
- sign on behalf of my sister, courier packages of magazines she writes for.
- show proof of a valid ID to receive registered mail from Citibank.
- receive a notice of a registered mail for pick up from the post office.

Citibank couriered me a Citibank Gold VISA Card. How did they know that I was a shopaholic? Don't they know I'm still paying for purchases I made in 2000? Is it their idea of a joke to make me bankrupt? No, thanks! I won't activate it. I already have AMEX, Citibank Gold MasterCard and Citibank Visa Card. Nope I'm not rich, except for the MasterCard, I rarely use the others. Their one purpose is to enhance the appearance of my wallet. Come to think of it, it helps boost up my self esteem.

A feeling of - I am woman (with purchasing power), so hear me roar!!

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