Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I'll be damned!
So it was to be that barely a few days into this new year, I get really really sick. High fever, fainting spells, congested nose, dry painful cough, achy breaky bones and nausea! It even came to the point, I was so delirious I wanted my sister to find a priest to administer my final rites. Freaky!!!

I got my blood test results today and according to the smart ass doctor:
a. Im not pregnant - Its been ages since I had 'some'. Please don't remind me!
b. Im negative for HIV or the AIDS virus - I mean geeezus come on already!
c. I don't have SARS - I haven't been to China recently not even in my dreams.

Diagnosis - pneumonia and chronic bronchitis. Slight case of dehydration caused by dieting too much and stress. The holidays blues really hit me hard this season for reasons I cannot begin to fathom. So I drank too much, pigged out and went on an emotional rollercoaster. In order to get back into shape, I hardly ate and just drank water like a fish!

I guess my body was teaching me a harsh lesson.

One good thing about being sick - I lost weight. I wont recommend this method of shedding pounds to anyone, not even my enemies. I don't have any enemies though. But you get my point, right? Do ya? ... Do ya?
Do excuse my incoherent nature, Im heavily medicated, remember?

I better rest before I have another coughing fit!

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