Saturday, February 21, 2004

"B is for"
"I'm bored with my wardrobe of blue, bland outfits.

ored with my friends who are busy with their nicely blended lives.

I'm broke & can't be bothered to make new friends who will eventually bore me.

I'm bored with listening to Beyonce singing ''.

ored with my work because I can't find the inspiration for a beautiful concept.

Bored that I need to wait several months before I go to fascinating Bangkok.

Bored of burping on bacon, pork & beans and baked brownies.

Bored with this city and its smoke bleching vehicles, the weakening Peso rate, its unbearable fascination with FPJ's citizenship, the blatant corruption, the blaring noise, the bad for the health pollution and our denial of the existence of Bird flu wreaking havoc on our already too beleaguered nation.

I'm getting bored with my boyfriend who doesn't stimulate my brain enough let alone my body. The fact that he is miles away but seem too busy to keep in touch. Maybe he is getting bored with me too because all I do is read other people's blogs then blog about my boring life.

Being such a Bitch!

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