Sunday, February 22, 2004

"Kikay stuff"
I'm a regular viewer of the show "F". Late Saturday nights on ABS-CBN.
The lifestyle show with Daphne Paez, Angel Aquino & Amanda Griffin.
They feature make-overs, new places to dine, and latest trends in fashion.
I like their style of showcasing interesting features, every week.

The products I use:

Lipsticks - I like dark hues like copper, cinnamon or chocolate.
My fav brands are The Body Shop, Maybelline & my latest discovery - Avon

I'm an eyeliner freak.
I've been using Marks & Spencer's black kohl liner for the longest time.
It's thick, it doesn't smudge and it's long lasting.
For eyeshadows, I love brownish hues. Marks & Spencer's & Estee Lauder have colorful varieties.

I prefer strong perfumes.
My tastes varies from Hugo Boss Woman, Elizabeth Arden's Splendour, Estee Lauder's Pleasures
For daily use, I like the refreshing light scent of L'Occitane's Magnolia

I recently started using NuSkin concealer.
It helps disguise my eyebags as well as my pimple scars.
It's frustrating that at my 'mature' age, I still get pimples.

But in essence, I'm a lipstick & eyeliner person + a whiff of perfume.
That's it. Now, if only my moods were that easy to decipher.

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