Saturday, February 07, 2004

I was in one of my weird moods, last night.
After eating a heavy dinner, I fell asleep at 8pm.
Only to be wide awake at around 1 am, boredom kicking in.
My only recourse was to SMS people I knew would still be up.
Donna, my best friend. And of course, Iyad.
It helps that they are 4 hours behind Manila time.
They always cheer me up, no matter what.
Donna was excited about her daughter's surprise birthday party.
Today, Gemma turns 15. Geeez, we are old.
And he was home pigging out on Lebanese food with his friend.
Me: That's just it. You are there. I am here. Things don't get any easier.
I miss you all the time. Anyways you got company so I'll shut up now.

Iyad: It's ok baby. I miss you too ... I ate too much and the steam is getting to my head. LOL

With that hilarious thought in my mind, I faded back into dreamland.

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