Wednesday, February 11, 2004

"Defog the noggin"
It's a saying which means dust away the cobwebs to clear the mind.
That's exactly what I did the past couple of days in Tagaytay.
Our treat for the wedding anniversary of my parents.
We rented 2 cabins at the Tagaytay Picnic Grove.
Mt Samat & Mt Pinatubo, #15 & 16.
The view of Taal Volcano and the lake was breathtaking.
The air, fresh and crisp was quite chilly during the evenings.
No internet. No music. No distractions.
Just a 14 inch TV but somehow it wasn't a distraction at all.
Great bonding moments over grilled food at Dencio's & Josephine.
I slept with the wind howling loudly, the full moon shining, the crickets creaking and the rustling of the tree branches.
Not to mention the fact that I froze my butt off so I slept with my jeans on.
Waking up at 6am to watch the sun rise from my balcony was amazing.
Of course, I took loads of pictures on my digicam.
Different angles of the volcano & the lake, as well as colorful flowers.
I intend to collate them together and use as wallpaper for my desktop.
Cruising through the scenic road peppered with sprawling bungalows, retreat houses, churches, hotels & inns was a favorite activity.
We even drove as far as Nasugbu, Batangas feasting our eyes on the different subdivisions that are mushrooming all over the hilly slopes.
Tuesday, on our way back, we decided to take the Santa Rosa route.
We had lunch at Poquito Mas which serves Spanish, Latino & Philipino cuisine. The mall, Paseo de Santa Rosa is located on the road leading to the South Super Highway. Toll fee from Santa Rosa to C5 was P48.00

It was a relaxing time away from the crowd, pollution & the confines of city living. Tagaytay was a revelation. A good thing, it's only about 1 1/2 hours away. So we intend to go there more often. If only for the pure pleasure of donning pashima shawls without looking like a Taliban extremist.

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