Sunday, February 15, 2004

Movie Review
Well I had a really lazy Sunday. The laziest I've had this year so far.
Spent it mopping at home, chatted a bit then watched a VCD.
"About Schmidt". Jack Nicholson, Kathy Bates flick.
A good underrated role for Nicholson whose facial expressions alone can convey a lot of emotions. Seeing Kathy Bates naked wasn't a pleasant sight but she always delivers a good performance.
Warren Schmidt, an insurance executive retires but his wife of 42 years suddenly dies. Thus leaving him alone to deal with his grief and his life.
Only good thing happening is the fact that he sponsored a Tanzanian orphan named Ndugu and writes to the kid regularly. Of course, his daughter's wedding to a waterbed salesman played by Dermot Mulroney looking like something a cat might drag in. It could also qualify as a good thing happening in his life.
But I found his daughter too bitter and very harsh towards her father.
I guess that is how it is in their culture. Daughters grow up resenting their parents. Only thing, I know is that no matter what faults or imperfections parents have. They are still your parents and we must treat them well while they are still around.
Ok I digress, so going back to the movie, it was simple and easy to watch.
But at the same time, it was painful and sad because he was so alone in his life. It was poignant because it was so 'real life'.

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