Saturday, February 14, 2004

WOW Philippines
Need to explore the Philippines without spending?
Intramuros Clam Shell is the place to go. It's the area right behind the Manila Cathedral & San Agustin Church. It features different regions every month.
This month it is the wonders of the Southern Tagalog provinces.
As well as the Calabarzon and Mimadoro region.
After a light lunch at Aristocrat, Roxas Boulevard.
Me, my sister & my mother went to view the offerings of this vast region.
Different stalls sold native delicacies, handicrafts and trinkets.
They also converted the adjoining areas into tiangges.
We ended up buying a rattan wine holder, assortment of munchies and trinkets. Mostly bracelets & necklaces from Bicol as well as Cebu.
All at affordable prices. My bargaining power came in handy.
It is a pity that most Filipinos rather spend their time at malls.
Instead of helping our local tourism industry flourish.
I guess, it takes someone like me who knows zilch about Philippine geography to appreciate places like Intramuros.

For all it's worth. Happy Valentine's Day to one and all!
As you can see I'm dateless but only because my date is in Dubai.
I didn't forget though and sent him a gift. Without expecting anything in return.
He really isn't the romantic type and at our age we do away with the mushy stuff.
But he makes me smile, keeps me sane and I'm happy.
For me, that is all that matters.

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