Thursday, February 12, 2004

Static frequency
I've always wondered why, sometimes, cellphones make that static sound.
a. If there is a SMS/phone call that can't come through.
b. Or if it is just some weird cosmic frequency static shit.

I was 'TRYING' to do some work.
I was listening to Tamia's "Officially Missing You" on my PC.
I was mix matching to find the correct color for the Flash animation.
I was forwarding emails, as usual.

Suddenly this "crackling" sound emits from my cellphone.

I almost fell off my seat and felt the goosebumps raise on my nape.
It freaks me out because I always think it might be important.
I have this nightmare that someone is trying to reach me urgently.
But they can't get through because some alien force thinks
it is funny to interfere with the frequency.
Jamming up the network's signals or something like that.

Alright enough of that .... I'm off to do some malling.
Hmmm where to go?
Megamall? Edsa Shangri-la? Galleria? Or Podium?
Meenee ... Meenee ... Mineemo .....

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