Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Where is a guy when you need one the most?
Earlier this evening, I had to open an air tight sealed container.
I huffed and puffed and still couldn't get the darn thing open.
My sister tried.
I tried again.
No use.
So we left it.
After dinner, we were watching the news.
A cockroach the size of my thumb flew in from the window.
Landed right in front of the TV.
I shrieked.
My sister screamed.
We both froze on the couch, with our feet up.
Too frightened to move.
In cases like these, do not expect my sister to do the right thing.
She won't harm a living organism.
She is too squirmish.
So there, we were screaming our lungs out.
Neither willing to move.
My heart was pounding in my chest.
But I had to step up.
Tiptoeing, almost jumping out of my skin, I got the insecticide.
The thing is spraying at it would make the insect fly.
And boy did it fly all over the living room.
So flying insect = more shrieks.
Arms flailing.
Jumping up and down the couch.
The chair.
The stairs.
Louder Shrieks.
This went on for about 15 minutes.
The cockroach convulsed, lying on its back, legs in the air.
Settling down.
We were still emptying the whole bottle into the insect.
Still screaming, but at a lower decibel.
All flushed.
Sweating profusely.
Getting drunk from the toxic fumes of the insecticide.
Watching it die.
But we were still too terrified to move.
Till 30 minutes later.
Finally it succumbed.
But still not satisfied.
We sprayed more.
Calmed down.
Drank water.
Practically dashing up the stairs.
To our bedrooms.
What a fright!

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