Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Lenten Sacrifice
7:30 AM phone rings - oh, let the answering machine get it.
3 minutes later, my cellphone (on silent mode) rings vibrates.
Stretches still sleeping. Cellphone keeps vibrating.
Oh it's Mom. Answers the cellphone.

Mom: get up, wake up your sister, it's Ash Wednesday. Go to Mass.
Remember to fast and only eat fish today and every Friday henceforth.

Me: But, Ma ... mmmm ehhh ....
Mom: No excuses, move!!! Will wait for you girls at St Francis, noon.
Be there or else!!!

And with that tone of voice, I knew there was no way I could escape.
Hmm ok so Lent officially starts today.
I have a few one thing I can try to give up for 40 days.
It's a sacrifice. But I will TRY to be holy good.

I better go.

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