Thursday, March 18, 2004

Another day at the mall [Megamall]
I pay my sister's Globe cellphone bill.
I pay Pacific Internet and Tri-isys bill.
Lunch with parents at Rai Rai Ken.
Munch. Gossip. Munch.
Hugs and kisses. Parents return to the 'alps'.
Mr Quickie to have black bag & shoes repaired.
2 P.M. SMS message.
R: Daph, sori can't make it 4 kopi today.
R: next tym na lang, my treat promise!
Me: ok np!

What I really wanted to say was:
WTF? Geez ok WHATEVER. Damn it!
I text my sister.
Me: R cancelled on me. I'll just take taxi home.
Sis: No don't! wait 4 me till 4:30 il pick u up.
Sis: il drop u off b4 going to class.
Me: ok il wait.

I look at my watch. It's only 2:20 P.M.
I roam in and out of shops.
I buy refreshingly yummy melon Zagu shake.
I enter Kamiseta.
Find pink linen top perfect for my capri pants.
I get Medium size. Enter fitting room.
FUCK! It doesn't fit. It's too small.
I shamefully ask "Miss, do you have this in Large?"
"I'm sorry, Ma'am that is the last one."
Time: 3:45 P.M.
I go to the freezing cold chapel on the 5th floor.
I sit down to reflect. I start to cry:
- because it was the perfect color for my pants.
- because medium doesn't fit me anymore.
- because I got stood up.
- because my feet were killing me.
- because it was so peaceful inside the chapel.
- because my contact lens were irritating me.
- because I miss him.
- because I still hurt.
Because! Because! Because!

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