Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Attitude problem
Alright so since I'm on a roll here.
Let me continue my tirade.
I don't like it when people assume they know me.
I don't like being patronized.
Most of all, people telling me how I should feel.
If you want to know. Just ask.
Never assume nor speculate.
Or worse, know for certain - my thoughts.
I have always been brutally honest.
No lies. No pretense.
If you had no intention of making an impression.
Why did you persist?
It is bad enough that I was vulnerable.
But to approach me under false pretenses.
Then suddenly bail out is very rude.
I cannot understand such an attitude.
I feel like I am the guilty party here.
But hey, I was just being myself.
I offered friendship without any strings attached.
Maybe you have a valid excuse and your reasons.
I guess I will never find out.
I've said my piece.
It was my pleasure to have known you.
For roughly 15 days.
No regrets. No hurt feelings.
I wish you all the best.

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