Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Games people play
Sometimes it feels like I have this sign which says: "Use Me" pasted on my forehead.
Some so called friends like to take advantage of my kindness. All in the name of friendship.
Case scenario # 1
6 A.M 1 new message:
L: Daph r u awake?
L: Daph pls can I borrow P2000?
Emergency lang, il pay u bak
L: Btw if J txts u, I left 4 opis na, ok?

Followed by 4 missed calls.

Case scenario # 2
A few minutes later.
J: Gud AM is L there? Hello?
J: Can I pls talk to L? Tell her 2 come home
Ist b4 going 2 da opis.

Followed by 3 missed calls.

No, I won't lend you money AGAIN.
I'm not a bank that dispenses cash, on demand.
I don't appreciate being a pawn in your 'adultery'.
Not just once. But several times. I've lost count.
I have enough drama in my life.
Please spare me from more theatrics.

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