Wednesday, March 31, 2004

"Life offers you a thousand chances, all you have to do is take one"
I always thought that Tuscany was in France.
I learn it's in Italy after watching "Under the Tuscan Sun".
Little did I know that when I was in Florence, I was right in the heart of the Tuscan region.
Now back to the movie!
Diane Lane portrays Frances Mays, a recently divorced American writer.
While on a 10 day 'gay' tour of Tuscany, she impulsively buys a villa.
She meets people who become her 'family'.
The Polish immigrants who renovate 'Bramasole'.
The aging film star, Katherine who was discovered by Fellini.
The realtor, Senor Martini who faithfully checks up on her.
Her neighbors whose grandmother was spurned by her online lover.
Patti, her pregnant Asian lesbian best friend.
Marcello, a gigolo who breaks her fragile heart.
Eventually, everything simply falls into place.
Lovely scenery, quirky characters, funny dialogue.

Frances: I'm in Italy I can hire the muscular descendants of Roman Gods to do the heavy lifting.
Patti: Yeah right!

Frances: Do traffic lights mean anything here?
Marcello: Sure. Green light ... avanti avanti
Marcello: Yellow light ... a decoration
Frances: What about red light?
Marcello: Just a suggestion!

Marcello: You have beautiful eyes Francesca.
Marcello: I wish I could swim in them.
Frances: That is exactly what American women think Italian men will say

Patti: These are straight men!
Frances: In tights.
Patti: Twirling flags.
Patti: How fantastic!
Frances: YES!!!

I loved the movie. I saw it 3 times before returning it to the video store.
It brought back fond memories of my travels to Bella Italia!

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