Monday, March 22, 2004

The search is on
Would you believe I only own one pair of jeans?
Yes, that's true.
All the years I lived abroad I only wore pants.
It had to do with projecting an image.
Daughter.of.diplomat.dress.appropriately image.
I bought my one and only existing 'XOXO' jeans.
At Bur Juman Mall, Dubai.
A year before we were due back in Pinas for good.
Now that I am an 'average' citizen once more.
It was time for me to dress the part.
To blend in with the jeans wearing crowd.
My main problem though is that I'm very picky.
It has to be the perfect fit and correct color.
The back pockets squarely located on my butt.
I actually began my hunt for jeans, Sunday.
At Rustan's to use my 2002 birthday gift certificate.
I never realized that todays style was low waist.
I mean, sure, I knew! But not that low. Geez!
I felt, I was exposing way too much of my big butt.
Neither did I appreciate my tummy all bunched up. Folding like the Banaue rice terraces.
It wasn't a pleasant experience.
All the huffing and puffing in the fitting room.
My sister and I were hysterical.
We were laughing our asses off, literally.
Today, still no luck at Rockwell.
There was always something not quite right.
Even if my sister said they looked just fine on me.
I'm not giving up.
I'm determined to find the right one.
So I can finally retire my 'XOXO' jeans.

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