Sunday, March 21, 2004

TV Guide
American Idol - Star World [Tues & Thurs 8pm]
A contest for aspiring singers. Currently featuring 12 11 finalists. 3 judges give their opinion about their singing prowess. It doesn't really matter, it's the viewers who call in to vote and ultimately choose the American Idol winner.
Simon Callow, despite his insulting comments does make very valid points. I'm impressed with the 2 Fil Am finalists. Although I'm sure they consider themselves American, not the least bit Filipino. My favorite is George Huff.

The Bachelor 3 - Studio 23 [Fridays 9pm]
A reality show featuring a single guy who chooses 1 woman out of 25 to whom he may propose marriage by the end of the show. This season, the bachelor is Andrew Firestone, the millionaire heir to the Firestone empire. He's rather cute in boyish looking kind of way. Not my type though!
Although I know whom he picked from the bevy of ladies, I still watch it weekly. The bitchiness of the bachelorettes, the dates at exquisite places and the exciting rose ceremony. Being a cynic, I don't think you can fall in love with someone in a matter of 6 weeks. But the romantic in me still swoon at the prospect of love blossoming despite such circumstances. After all, Trista met Ryan on this show. Now they are happily married.

For Love or Money 2 - Star World [Thurs 10pm]
A show with a lot of twists. First, Erin must pick a guy out of 15 hopefuls. The guys don't know, they can only choose one. Either Erin or US$ 1 Million. If that isn't confusing enough, once Erin has made her choice and the guy picks her, she will win a million dollars as well. If he picks the money over her, then she is not supposed to see him ever again. What a strange concept for a reality show.
Of course, I know whom Erin chose. I also know what his choice was. I'm rather impatient with these shows so I end up reading about it online. I believe she made a good choice. If I was ever on this show, which is doubtful but you get my drift - I would get the money. At the risk of sounding like a gold digger, I believe men come and go. A million dollars is a lot of money to forfeit. Guys are just accessories!

Chasing Time - National Geographic Channel
There are thirteen new cities and twenty-six lucky contenders race against the clock. Each pair is stranded in a city for twelve hours. They have to crack cryptic clues to complete eight exciting challenges. If they win, a luxury stay awaits them. Lose and they are on the next flight home. It is hosted by Trey Farley.
I love this show. Although I have no idea what time it is normally shown. I do catch bits and pieces. It involves travel and exploring new cities. It showcases sights and sounds that the average tourist in a new city won't get to discover.

I also regularly watch:
Third Watch [Star World Mondays 10pm]
Interesting series about paramedics, cops and fire fighters set in New York City.
Mind of the Married Man [HBO Tuesdays 10pm]
Funny show about the eccentricities of a married guy. For a guy, Mikey does have a lot of hang ups. He whines incessantly!

CSI - [AXN Wednesdays 9pm]
Excellent show about forensic experts with interesting cases. I like the fact that it pays very close attention to minute details.
Survivor: All Stars [Studio 23 Fridays 2pm]
8th edition of this reality show but it still rocks!

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