Sunday, March 07, 2004

"Thank you very much"
That's the most common expression you hear during beauty pageants.
I have to admit I religiously watch them just like award shows.
Last night, Binibining Pilipinas was telecast on GMA 7.

I watch:
to make really nasty side comments about the contestants.
to wait for someone to trip or step on her gown.
to see which contestant had breast implants.
to make fun of their physical assets during the swimsuit category.
to criticize every long gown that is worn.
to cringe during the interview portion followed by rip roaring laughter at their grammatical errors.
to blast the judges since most of them are aging DOMs, foreign ambassadors, a basketball player, a politician and/or an actor.
to guess which one would make the final 10.
to constantly remark about their flaws.
to admire their bravery for joining when they have a fat chance in hell of winning.

Ok so no one is perfect and I don't think I am better than them.
But it's fun to be really really bitchy. It's a blast.

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