Monday, March 08, 2004

I watched "Something's Gotta Give" today. It was hilarious.
There were moments I was laughing so much, tears were in my eyes.
Then I realized I was crying not out of laughter anymore.
So I stopped. It wasn't a good idea to start hurting again.
I guess I picked the wrong movie to watch.
But I wanted to catch it before it was too late.
I'm not in the mood to review the film right now.
Suffice it to say, it is a nice romantic comedy with a great cast.
The last parts were filmed in Paris, my favorite city in the world. So it made my day.

New Look
I'm currently in the mood for a change.
My options are whether:
to get a new haircut
to get a new cellphone
to get a new High Memory SIM card for my cellphone
whether I retain my old number
or get a new number all together
to change the skin for my blog

Since most of them entails me spending money which I don't have, I will go with the last option. I'm still in the process of selecting which one to use.
I'm stuck between the dolphins and/or the notebook theme.
Either one would require me to code & decode the script into the templates of my blog. Something which takes too much effort. At least it gives me something to do. Instead of crying myself to sleep.

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