Monday, March 29, 2004

This past weekend
  • I didn't go to my parents' place.

  • I took a total of 6 showers.

  • I forwarded funny emails.

  • I had a brief conversation with a neighbor.

  • I inhaled toxic pest control fumes.

  • I watched 2 movies on VCD.
  • I played Internet Checkers till 4:30 a.m.

  • I listened to Maroon 5's This Love repeatedly.

  • I cleaned the aircons' filters.

  • I got my new jeans from Alterations Plus.

  • I accompanied my sister to the dentist.

  • I binged on Hershey's chocolate bars.

  • I caught Wajdi on MIRC, briefly.
    Wajdi: tks 4 remembering my bday, coz I forgot it
    Me: welcome, u forgot ur own birthday?
    Wajdi: yup
    Wajdi: only today I knew it when I saw my email
    Me: oh how sad
    Wajdi: not really, you know I don't celebrate it
    Me: that's true but still ....
  • I watched his documentary on CNN.
  • I read these articles in Time Magazine.
    March 22 issue
    "Doing it Depp's Way" Most Unusual Star.
    "Welcome back, Capos" - "The Sopranos".
    March 29 issue
    "Who's the real enemy now?" AL-Qaeda's new look.
    "The Last Don" - 'Big Joey' Massino.
    "The Trial of Ben Affable" Ben Affleck

  • I sang "Do Ya think I'm Sexy" in the car.

  • I went grocery shopping.

  • I laughed when I hear this on the radio:
    Male DJ: There you go, that was Andrea Bocelli.
    Female DJ: His concert's at Araneta Coliseum on April 30.
    Male DJ: I didn't know he was blind.

  • Female DJ: WHAT?!! So you thought it was normal for him to sing with his eyes always closed?!

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