Saturday, March 27, 2004

"You'll always be my friend(s).
You know too much."

Me: have you seen Love actually?
Me: there is this character in that movie who sort of reminded me of you
Erik--: not yet.. Did you like it?
Me: yes I loved it
Erik--: oh? Maybe I should see it and try to guess which character :)
Erik--: then I can see if I guess right... Or why ;)
Me: it was just my 'inner' feeling
Erik--: I see ... ok, I'm curious
Me: yeah so go watch it
Me: well if it is still showing there


Greatguy: hey daph
Greatguy: sorry to hear about the way things went with that guy
Greatguy: but it was obviously not meant to last
Greatguy: still it was nice as a generator of good feelings
Greatguy: and I still think it is a sign of good things to come
Greatguy: hugs ... hugs ... and more hugs
Greatguy: be positive ... If you can
Greatguy: you'll be better off


DoNna: maybe tomorrow me and mar will go to the sea near our home to eat lunch
DoNna: here it's not that humid ... not like dubai it's very dry here
Me: ah ok in dubai you would melt like ice cream
DoNna: I know LOL
DoNna: we have the high temperatures like dubai but without the high humidity
DoNna: here we just fry like an egg if we go outside LOL
DoNna: Dubai is too humid and Kuwait is too dry!
Me: ack!
Me: don't they have some place just right?
DoNna: hmmm nope LOL
DoNna: everywhere is either too hot or too cold
Me: I know
DoNna: when its hot we complain and when its cold we complain
Me: yeah never satisfied
Me: whining bitches
DoNna: exactly! LOL
DoNna: anything new with u sis?
DoNna: nothing with me LOL
DoNna: same sh** different day LOL
Me: new jeans ... That's all
DoNna: LOL


John wrote:
[March 19] hi how are you feeling? Much better? Hey tiramisu is good for the sorrow you know.. Well at least for me .. Kidding... :P take care hope you feel better...
[March 21] Just checking on you.. Making sure you're ok.. Take care....
[March 23] Hope days are coming easier.. As they should come ... Take care ... Miss our chats!

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