Friday, April 30, 2004

So ...
  • John Stevens is finally out of American Idol. I have to admit his voice suits a certain genre of music. So that kind of limited his range, and he did struggle quite a bit when the theme didn't suit his personality.

  • The spoilers about the final four in Survivor: All Stars was wrong. I read online that Big Tom, Shii Ann, Rob & Amber were the final four. I wish they liven it up a bit it gets kind of predictable at this point. I still watch it though.

  • Erin Brody made her choice: Chad V. On For Love or Money 2: a reality show with alot of twists and turns, it gave me a headache. Rob was rejected twice, Erin gets US $1.5 million and wins Chad's heart. She took a risk by choosing Chad who didn't really express his true feelings. Isn't that TYPICAL of men? Pffft

  • This bank keeps calling me up, offering me a cash advance of P205,000. Since according to them, I have a good credit standing and always pay my Mastercard bill on time. If they only knew how many hours I spend pondering where to get the cash to make my payments.

  • So what if the interest is only 0.99%? I rather remain debt free. But there is an exclusive sale for GIRLFRIENDS members now on at Sari Sari Glorieta. Everything for only P99. Oh dear Lord, I better stay away from that mall
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