Friday, May 07, 2004

And then there were four
On Survivor: All Stars:
  • Rob - One lucky bastard who wins a car, gets the girl and just might win a million bucks!

  • Amber - Her nice girl next door image has captured Boston Rob's attention, playing along with his conniving nature. And she also get her own car, geeez!

  • Jenna - I'm gunning for her now. Even though she irritates me. I rather she get the title of Sole Survivor, it looks like she needs the money.

  • Rupert - I never liked this guy. He likes to portray himself as the underdog. The one who gets picked on all the time. Yeah well, grow up this isn't high school anymore.

  • It should be an interesting final tribal council with most of the jurors believing Rob screwed them big time. I hope sparks will fly all over.
    On American Idol
  • Fantasia Barrino - she shrieks and gives all the songs a gospel feel to them. But she does have a strong stage presence and can get the audience in on her performance.

  • Jasmine Trias - I believe she is still too young and needs more experience voice wise, as well as in life in general. I should be nationalistic and support her but I don't. LOL

  • Diana DeGarmo - I like her voice, it has timber but just like Jasmine she is still too young to get away with singing 'mature' songs.

  • La Toya London - I believe she will win this contest. She has class, her voice range is suitable for any songs and she carries herself well. Confidence exuding in all her performances.

  • I'm a bit saddened by the fact that George Huff was eliminated. But he didn't really have what it takes to be an American Idol. Even if his voice is good, its limits him to perform just certain type of songs.

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