Friday, May 14, 2004

Daily Dirt - Let's get shopping!
1. What is your favourite shopping item?
2. How much money you spent buying something nice for you per month?
I don't really buy things for myself on a monthly basis.
3. Do you buy usually with cash, bankcard or credit card?
Cash but credit card for expensive items.
4. Who is your favourite shopping partner?
My sister.
5. Where you usually shop?
Glorieta, Megamall

The Friday Four - Mommy
1. Were you a good little boy/girl and call your mom on Mother's day?
I took her out for lunch.
2. Did you go so far as to actually get her a gift? If not, on a scale of 1-10, how guilty did your mom make you feel?
A pair of colorful socks and my mother would NEVER make me feel guilty about anything.
3. What's the funniest thing your mom does?
When she mistakes a person for someone else yet insists she is right.
4. What's the one thing your mom can get away with with you that no one else can?
Eat food that is not good for her health. Very stubborn so I give up.

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