Thursday, May 13, 2004

3x Thursday: Recent Memories
1. What was the last movie you saw (doesn't have to be in a theater)? Did you like it? Would you recommend it?
Secret Window - I only borrowed it because Johnny Depp was in it. Totally lousy plot!
2. What was the last piece of clothing you bought? Was it for work or for pleasure?
Denim skirt for pleasure
3. What was the last piece of music you got (bought, gift, or donated to you(mp3s, burned copy, etc))? Did you like it? Would you recommend it? Why/Why not?
Christmas carols CD it was a gift for my mother. December 2003. I would recommend it only for the Yuletide season. LOL
Bonus Question for Comments: What was the last nice thing you got for yourself? Was it for an occasion, or just cause?
The denim skirt simply because I've been craving for it for a long time and I finally found one that fits me just fine.

Thursday Thattle: Work
What do you do for a living?
Freelance web designer - glorified term for unemployed bum
What time do you get up?
No fixed time
What time do you start?
If and only when I feel like it
How long do you get for lunch?
Sometimes I forget to eat lunch entirely
What time do you get off of work?
I work from home
What do your parents do for a living?
They are both retired now but my father was a diplomat and my mother was a homemaker.

Thursday Threesome: Fax Cover Sheets
Onesome: Fax-- Do you have access to or use a fax machine at home? Just curious...
As a matter of fact, yes I have one at home
Twosome: Cover-- Hey, summer's coming! What type of cover up do you use when you're out in the sun? SPF4000? Sun clothes? A hat? "What sun; I live in a cave?"
An umbrella plus I don't really stay out that much. I'm not a beachbum
Threesome: Sheets-- 120 count or 180? (Okay guys, you're exempt , but you could ask someone who knows!) No idea what this Q means

Daily Dirt: Speak up!
1. Do you speak any other languages than the one you speak everyday?
French, English
2. Would you like to speak another language?
Sure. Italian
3. Have you ever tried to learn how to speak another language?
Yes, Arabic
4. If so how did that turn out?
I only know a few words. Not really conversational
5. Have you ever tried to speak another language without knowing what you were saying?
Yes, Bahasa Indonesia/Malay

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