Monday, May 17, 2004

The truth of the matter is ...
Never go to a mall that has a 3 day sale and expect to come home empty handed. Stick to your resolution: I am saving NOT spending and you end up making excuses. Such as I haven't really bought anything for myself in ages. Or hey the tag said 2 for P199. Excuses ... Excuses ... Excuses.
One stop caught our attention. But the items had a no fitting policy, so my sister was hesitant to buy a particular top she fancied.
Attendant: Is she wearing a loose blouse?
Me: Yes
Attendant: Is she as 'solid' as you?
Me: I suppose we do have the same 'solid' build.
Attendant: Then no problem it would fit her.

I found that comment funny. 'Solid'. It sounds more hilarious in the vernacular. 'Siksik'. But for want of a good word to translate it into English, all I could think of was 'solid'.
So, I told my sister in French. Something we always do when we don't want others to understand us. There are a lot of other shops here why buy something you can't try? She insists it would fit her. She proceeds to buy it. Guess what? It doesn't fit her. Heck, it doesn't fit me either! We always deceive ourselves into thinking, medium sized garments will fit us when the sad awful truth is ... L is the letter we need to focus on.

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