Tuesday, May 18, 2004

"Why kill you now, Prince of Troy, with no one here to see you fall?"
I've been sitting here reading reviews about "TROY". I watched it yesterday at Rockwell.
It wasn't as spectacular as I was expecting it to be. Sure, there were grand battle scenes, a nicely choreographed sword fight between Archilles and Hector. But it seems some of the characters in the movie didn't have any depth. Diane Kruger as Helen, the face that launched a thousand ships isn't ravishing. Brad Pitt's naked body was a pleasant sight but I can't say the same thing for his acting. Please don't remind me of how lame Orlando Bloom was! I actually couldn't stop laughing! Every time, the music came on, my sister and I would go "Ok Black Hawk Down theme". I loved the beautiful costumes though. Varying shades of blue kaftans and their beaded accessories. Very chic. The movie was good enough to endure 2 1/2 hours in a freezing cold theater. If only to feast my eyes on Eric Bana. *Drools*

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