Tuesday, May 11, 2004

TV Tuesday Reunited and it feels so good!
1. What show would you like to see brought back for an hour or two episode, to see how the characters are doing now? (This should be a show that it might be possible to do a reunion on.)
St Elsewhere
2. Pick a show that could not realistically be brought back for a reunion, because some or all of the cast members are gone. What if they could have done a reunion before it was too late? Name the show you'd most like to see.
Little House on the Prairie. Only one I could think of!
3. Which reunion show have you watched and thought "Wow, they should have left that one alone!"
Only reunion shows I've seen are Survivor. It's fun to see how fat they become after starving for 39 days.
~Bonus~ Which do you prefer- a "reunion" episode of the series, or a "cast reunion" where the actors sit around and talk about the making of the show?
Cast reunion where they spill out the juicy details about the show.

Tuesday Twosome: Music
1. The last two songs you heard:
Insensitive [Jann Arden]; True [Spandau Ballet]
2. The last two CDs you bought:
Westlife [2000]; Christmas Carols [2003]
3. Two songs you hate at the moment:
She Bangs [Willliam Hung]; Milkshake [Kelis]
4. Two songs you are loving at the moment:
Weekend in New England [Barry Manilow];
The way you look at me [Christian Bautista]

5. Two singers you would like to meet (dead or alive): Jon Bon Jovi & Enrique Iglesias

Tuesday is ChooseDay
Would you rather:
1. one day at a job you like, have your boss catch you masturbating OR sending out resumes to other employers?
Be at a job I like, I will say I was itchy LOL
2. be seen on a date with a beautiful woman that was actually a man OR be seen on a date with a really ugly skank that smelled bad?
Be seen with a man who was actually a woman because I wouldn't know he was a she.
3. be on a totally nude beach all day long (with no chance of escape) without any kind of sunscreen or shade OR use the nastiest construction-site port-o-potty (out of severe need) that is lacking toilet paper?
I'll use the potty without the toilet paper, I can improvise and use my panties.
4.be the first one to know the world is ending OR be the last one to know the world is ending?
Be the first one to know so I can warn all my friends & relatives

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