Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Daily Dirt - Superstitions/Beliefs
1. Do you consider yourself superstitous?
A bit.
2. Have you ever experienced a supernatural event?
I don't think so.
3. Have you ever stayed at a house you believe to be 'haunted'? If not, would you?
Never and I rather not I'll freak out!
4. Do you have any superstitous habits (eg. throwing a pinch of salt over your shoulder before eating)?
Do not sing while eating; Do not clear the table unless everyone has finished eating - the single ladies will not marry; do not cut your fingernails in the evenings. Etc
5. Do you have any good luck charms?
My rosary.

TRIGGER::::: I discovered....this new TV channel, ETC. Entertainment Central which broadcasts several of my favorite shows. Pure delight for me, the ultimate couch potato.

Wednesday Whatevers
1. What is the most annoying thing about school?
Classmates who use you to do good in school. Parasites!
2. How much control do you need over your life?
I control everything that happens in my life.
3. Would you rather have a perfect, or interesting life? Why?
An interesting life because it leaves room for improvement. It can never be perfect because I am never satisfied and will constantly look for challenges.

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