Wednesday, June 23, 2004

EURO2004 Updates
So far the following countries are in the quarterfinals:
Portugal - Luis Figo *drools*
Greece - duh?!!!
France - the defending champions
England - I DON'T LIKE this team, NEVER DID!
Denmark - Schmeichel, the giant goal keeper!
No wait, he retired 2 years ago! Tsk tsk!
Sweden - go Larssen go :P
Czech Republic - wtf?

Italy didn't make it! They are angry. As usual always finding excuses and pointing fingers instead of admitting they should have just played better. I think it hurts their ego!

Spain I don't know why they failed to make a mark in the tournament.

Tonight games
Germany vs Czech Republic
Latvia vs the Netherlands
It would decide whether Germany or Holland qualify for the QF.
It seems the Germans would make it.

Rudi Voeller is now the coach of the German team, I remember watching him play along with Rumenigge & H. Schumacher [the goal keeper not the race car driver].

Yup, I'm that old!

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