Saturday, June 12, 2004

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!
Today, our nation celebrates its 106th Independence day.
Nowadays, people don't bother to really observe this day.
But for me it always brings back memories.
  • Going to the embassy to attend flag raising ceremony in the terrible heat of an Arabian summer at such an early hour.
  • Finding the appropriate national dress to wear. One for the morning activities and another for the formal reception in the evening.
  • Attending various Filipino community affairs held at posh hotels.
  • Feasting on traditional food.
  • Sometimes watching celebrities from Manila perform at concerts.
  • Even participate in some of the activities like dancing the itik itik, or the tinikling. BUT that was A LONG TIME AGO when I was too young to protest and had to perform because DUTY calls!

  • It was always such a grand festive event.
    An occasion my mother and I would prepare for way in advance.
    We make sure our attire matched the theme.
    We would diet.
    We would make the necessary appointments at the beauty salon.
    For us JUNE 12 was always a stressful day.
    But it made us proud to be Filipinos.
    It made us appreciate our country more.
    We sang the national anthem with our palms over our heart.
    It's a pity that we only feel patriotic when we are miles away from home.

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