Sunday, June 13, 2004

This past week
  • I watched "21 Grams". I bought this ehem pirated DVD several months ago. Since I was mostly home bound, I finally had time to watch it. Great acting from Sean Penn, Benicio del Toro & Naomi Watts. Story was a bit dark and morbid. At least it's different from the usual Hollywood fare.
  • I borrowed "Mona Lisa Smile" primarily for Julia Roberts. A "Dead Poets Society" plot but failing miserably.
    "Runaway Jury". A suspenseful courtroom movie based on John Grisham's book. I didn't read the book so I have no idea if the movie stuck to the plot. Good cast and the story is compelling enough to sustain one's interest. Of course, the underdog always wins!
  • I finally finished reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons. Oh my what a book! One of my favorite places to visit - The Vatican City, Rome Italy. Conspiracy theories, secret society, cat and mouse chase, Religion vs Science, Good vs Evil. A very well researched book! The details were very graphic, fast paced action till the very end.
  • Amazing Race, season 5 is about to start next month. But their website is already up!
  • Another website which caught my attention, the American Express ad with Jerry Seinfeld and Superman. But unfortunately it takes too long to load. Maybe it's my internet connection that is too slow. Either way I can't seem to access the ad. I saw the first one "Uniform". A friend emailed it to me. It's an interesting way to market a product.
  • I also read several travel sites about Bangkok, Thailand. So far we have shortlisted our choices of hotels to 2. I still have to discuss certain points with the family before I book our accommodations. I'm so excited I'm going over to my parent's house next week to dust off our luggages. Even if we still have roughly a month to go. I'm NOT a last minute kinda gal.
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