Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Day 6 - The IT challenge
(posted at 2:45 a.m. July 26, 2004)

I was already so tired I couldn't care less if I went out of the hotel at all. But today is our last night in Singapore and we still needed to buy some IT stuff. We woke up at 10:30 a.m. too late for breakfast. We walked over to Raffles City shopping center and had lunch at Food Junction. Still not making sawa on prawn mee I ordered it again together with nasi goreng and popiah. Devouring them like it was my last meal on earth. 
4 p.m. after buying these Perllini-Mel bags from Robinson's Department store, we walked to Funan Center, the IT Mall. Hopped from every single shop in that mall looking for the appropriate CD-R/DVD ROM for my sister's Fujitsu Life Book. Comparing prices, haggling for the best price, even arguing with this obnoxious sales man. He insisted that 50 cycle voltage would work in the Philippines. Did he think we were stupid?? We knew better! Only appliances/electronics with 50/60 cycle can function here without causing a major power trip in the central electrical system of the building. What a moron!
Anyways, we bought most of the items we needed at Challenger.
Printer cartridges, cables, paper for printing pictures - we ran up a huge bill at the cashier. We limbed back to the hotel which was like 3 blocks away from Funan Center to deposit our haul.
I was very cranky, not wanting to go out anymore. I was willing to just order room service.
But my sister said it was time we visited Boat Quay. I said alright fine but only if we took a taxi because I wasn't going to take a bus or even the MRT because it meant we had to walk back to Raffles City. We went, we dined on Pepper Crab, steamed garoupa, salted fish fried rice and Beef with Kaylan and oyster sauce. It was a lovely night, the view was magnificent.
We went bar hopping albeit without the parents who opted to head back to the hotel early. Suffice it to say, I got totally wasted on shots of tequila, 4 gin & tonic, 6 cans of Tiger Beer.
I had not drank in ages and I might have overdone it. By 11 p.m, the bar was full of SPG, Sarong Party Girls which is a term for Singaporean ladies who like to party. SPGs are more often than not accompanied by their expat boyfriends. Caucasian guys who work in Singapore and think they own the world. Guys who are butt ugly but think they are privileged because they have huge expat packages. My head was spinning so I couldn't care less if the guy at the next table was eyeing us maliciously.
He wasn't even my type for Iyad's sake!  Ewww I shiver just thinking about it!
Lecherous DOMs, anxious yuppies and loud drunkards all bunched up together.
I finally concluded at 2 a.m that I had enough alcohol in my system to drown a small town,
so we headed back to the hotel.
While I puked in the bathroom, my sister packed our luggages.
Yes I know I'm bad. I didn't help her at all.

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