Monday, July 12, 2004

Monday Madness
Let's try some 'true or false' questions this week! Feel free to elaborate as you wish!
1. I like my job. True
2. I find time to 'smell the flowers' so to speak.
True because it's the little things that count
3. I have no problem thinking of things to write about in my blog.
TRUE - I always have something to say about anything and everything
4. 'Organization' is my middle name! True
5. If 'Plan A' doesn't work, there's always a 'Plan B.'
True - always have a 'spare tire'
6. I adjust easily to new surroundings.
True - story of my life
7. I'd rather work 'behind the scenes' than 'in the spotlight.'
True - utterly behind the scenes you don't even know I'm there!
8. I'm happy where I am, at this point in my life. Absolutely TRUE
9. I can wake up in the morning without an alarm clock. True
10. I can function pretty well on less than 8 hours of sleep.
TRUE even with no sleep at all

***OH look at that ... I answered True on all the questions! :)

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