Saturday, July 10, 2004

What's in a name?
Starbucks has this policy of writing people's names on the cup of coffee they ordered.
The thing is more often than not they get my name wrong.
Maybe because it isn't a common Filipino name.
But my name is spelled D-A-P-H-N-E.
In all the instances that I've ordered coffee in such places. My name has been spelled as:
My all time favorite - DEAFNEE.
For some time now, I've chosen to give a different name. Just for fun!
I know it sounds silly but really I swear I've used:
Because I don't like it when people misspell my name.
Earlier this evening, I was at the food court of Glorieta Mall.
Yes, second day in a row I was at this mall this week.
I got thirsty so I ordered a green mango shake from Fruit Magic.
It seems they also write your name on the cup.
This time I gave my name as SUSAN.
A foreigner in a tight black t-shirt and jeans was behind me.
As he approaced the counter, he gave his name as Jean Paul. His accent sounded French and with a name like that. I'm positive he was French or he might be Canadian/French. Whatever!
Here comes the funny part.
The girl at the counter asks the lady beside her.
"How do you spell his name?" in the vernacular so the guy won't understand.
She answers "Ewan" meaning "I don't know".
She scribbles something.
His drink for some reason was served before mine.
As she gave him his order of melon shake.
I noticed she spelled his name as "JAN POL"

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