Saturday, July 03, 2004

  • I walked the 5 floors of Megamall from end to end. Meaning from Building A to Building B. That is my only form of exercise. If you don't count EVERY single freaking day!
  • I had my protein treatment + haircut. So my hair is straight for a couple of days before the wavy curls pop out of my head. No wait. The curls are out already as I write this blog. Tough luck! I still have the same style, layered sides and back though shorter by 2 1/2 inches. Now I look like a 12 year old kid 'cause of my haircut and height!
  • After a frenzied texting session between 4 individuals with busy lives, we managed to sort out our sked. We set july 11 as the date for the baby shower for Carr. Now comes the dilemma. Considering the fact that I'm the last person you will ever see in a baby/maternity/toy shop.
  • I do feel lighter nowadays. Because I've been limiting my food intake. Lately the major food groups I consume are nestle yogurt, kitkat, peppermint tea and 5 grain bread. Plus it seems I've developed an addiction for the chicken burgers from Carl's Jr. My only 'problem' area would be the 'bilbil' buildup around my waist. But hey that's the only evidence I'm a 30 something babe. So no worries. I'll just wear 'hide the waistline' outfits. LOL
  • Well the verdict would be cast when I meet up with my friends next week, they would naturally greet me with either one of the following:
    "Wow ang taba mo ngayon" OR "Uy pumayat ka!"
    Translation => "Wow you're so fat now" OR "Hey you've lost weight!"

  • Let's see!

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