Sunday, July 04, 2004

Are you...?
Understanding: Yes, very
Open-minded: Fairly yes
Arrogant: Sometimes
Insecure: Often
Interesting: Well ... a bit
Friendly: It depends
Smart: I think so
Moody: Definitely
Childish: Occasionally
Independent: Heck YES
Hard working: Sometimes
Organized: Yup
Shy: Blushes
Difficult: Stubborn more like it
Attractive: I'm cute not attractive ;)
Bored Easily: No
Responsible: It depends
Happy: YES
Trusting: Sometimes too trusting for my own good
Talkative: It depends on the company

Have you ever had...

Someone say they hate you: Yes *sobs*
Someone besides family say they love you: Yes
Someone punch you: Hell NO!

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