Thursday, August 12, 2004

"Guy gets on the MTA here in L.A. and dies;
think anyone will notice?"

Vincent (Tom Cruise) uttered that line right before he dies in "Collateral". Most of the time, I could barely hear the dialogue. No idea if it was the bad sound system at SM Megamall Cinemas or the movie itself. This is the second time I see Mark Ruffalo on the silver screen. The first was a small part in this movie which I saw last Tuesday.

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I expected it to be more fast paced and found it a bit dragging at the beginning. I like the rapport between the two main characters. I would never credit Tom Cruise for his acting abilities nor his looks. He's not my type, ok? But his portrayal of Vincent as the hired hitman made me see the personality of the character. Not as Tom Cruise portraying just another role. I hope that made sense. The fact that the main character dies also made me accept the somewhat vague ending. Call me realistic, and/or sadistic but "City of Angels" is my favorite movie because Meg Ryan dies at the end. Speaking of Nicolas Cage, they showed a trailer of his new movie, National Treasure today. It looks like a cross between Indiana Jones, The Mummy and Lara Croft: Tomb Raiders. Hopefully they show it just in time for my birthday. It's now traditional to watch Nicolas Cage movies on my natal day. I saw "Matchstick Men", "Windtalkers", "Gone in 60 Seconds", "Snake Eyes" all on October 19 albeit different years. Maybe it's more coincidental rather than traditional. LOL

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