Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Tuesday Iffers
Zest Fully Clean...
Question provided by Daphne Laura.
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Yes that's me!!! :))
If you could be soap for a day who would you want to bathe?
Johnny Depp of course who else? I would get him all soapy with foam and lather him up really good. Give him a good scrubbing!

Tuesday Twosome
Be Real:
Your two favorite....
1. Brands of shoes:
Via Venetto & Tangerine (available only in Singapore)

2. Brands of clothes:
Kamiseta & Apple & Eve (Galleria)

3. Restaurants:
Italianni's & Chili's

4. Brands of electronic equipment (Sony, Toshiba, JVC, etc.):
Pioneer (sound equipment) & Canon (printer, digital camera)

5. Department stores:
Rustan's & SM Department Store (because you can find almost everything you need there!)

Daily Dirt
1. When is your birthday?
October 19

2. If you could change when your birthday was, would you?

3. What was your favorite birthday party you ever had?
When I turned 30 ... a million years ago LOL

4. Do you have any original birthday traditions?
Well I ALWAYS watch a movie on my birthdays

5. Do you do any of the unoriginal birthday tradions, such as adding an extra
candle for good luck, being the first to cut the cake, or smearing your name on
your cake and putting it on your nose?

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