Wednesday, August 04, 2004

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There I was watching the season 3 finale of "Six Feet Under" when my cellphone rang. It was my mother. Apparently while she was watching the same episode, HBO went off the air. At their place. So I starting kidding her that maybe they forgot to pay their Telmarc (cable TV) bill. She said hush just tell me what is going on right now. So I had to tell her that Ruth married George after dating him for only 6 weeks. That Nate got the dreaded phone call regarding a body which matches Liza's dental records. That Nate got himself beat up at a bar and ended up at Brenda's doorstep. That Claire had an abortion. That Keith & David are on the verge of a breakup but seem willing to make their relationship work. It is kinda hard to watch TV while being on the cellphone. Especially my mother, she kept asking alot of questions. I was hesitant to tell her the part where Federico was getting some 'action' in his car. So I skipped it and told her he was fooling around. I was amazed my mother was still up because it was way past her bedtime. But she loves this show and always watches it without fail. Even if she is already half asleep towards the end and completely misses the last part. She would call me up the next day and ask me what happened. So you see, being a couch potato runs in the family!

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