Friday, August 06, 2004

Ponders at 3:40 A.M.
I've been staring at my computer screen for about an hour now.
Speculating & wondering as well as ranting:
  • whether I did something wrong to upset someone because it seems he is totally ignoring me. I sent emails, SMS even IM offline messages. Nothing! No reply. Even though I know for a fact, he has been online these past few days!

  • how on earth do I reply to an email from someone I barely know who starts his correspondence with "Dear Sweetheart"? I'm not really good in accepting terms of endearment from people I've slept with let alone people I barely know!

  • how come when guys do reply to emails ... their usual response to the question "Hi how have you been? How are things?" is a very terse "I'm ok, thanks" Just that! No details. Argggh

  • that despite my valiant efforts to make time and send personal emails to a bunch of people ... none of them have replied yet. People seem to be too freaking busy to say hi even if it is through emails. Either that or I got too much idle time to waste!

  • Yawns!
    I better get some sleep before my head explodes from thinking too much!

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