Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Sphinx located at the Giza Plateau in Cairo, Egypt is the current pit stop for this leg of the Amazing Race. Wow! Magnificent! The PYRAMIDS!
I always wanted to visit Cairo. It is just a 5 hour flight from Dubai. If I remember right, I had at least 3 real chances to explore these ancient wonders.
1) My friends Ruby & Marian invited me to go with them but something came up so I declined.
2) My sister who was visiting us in Dubai from Singapore where she worked at that time, was supposed to attend a press junket there. But it got cancelled at the last minute.
3) My last chance was through an ex boyfriend. He was/is Egyptian. Every 6 months, he would go home for his annual leave and each time he would invite me to go with him. He would regale me with tales of horse back riding along the pyramids at sunset, a Nile river cruise and all those ancient museums we could explore together. Endless stories of a very rich culture. I was simply in awe. I used to tease G (the ex) that he was really cool because he is the descendant of a Pharaoh.
His answer - "Well not really I have this vision that I was just a slave and not a King. It explains why I serve you habibtie with my very soul" Hehehehe I still laugh out loud when I remember that line!
But alas I never went. That is one of my deepest regrets ever, travel wise. To have missed the opportunity! Oh well I'm not losing hope ... someday, somehow, somewhat I will have my picture taken with the Sphinx and bury my feet in the sands in the land of the Pharaohs! :)) Posted by Hello

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