Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Que sera sera
"Que sera sera
whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera sera"
I got this song playing over and over in my head.
I even sang it while washing the dishes after lunch.
All because I watched "In the Cut" last night.
Well early Tuesday morning. In the dark.
By myself while eating Nestle yogurt.
It was supposed to be a thriller/suspense type.
But I wasn't on the edge of my seat este couch.
Only thing that made it worthwhile was a naked frontal shot of Mark Ruffalo.
Well for me that was the highlight. LOL
I even paused the film and stared at his ehem.
Ok, I'm bad. ;)
It ended without fully explaining why the serial killer murdered those women.
And boy was I wrong about who the killer was.
I thought it was Kevin Bacon.
Or Meg Ryan's student, Cornelius Webb.
Meg Ryan in a more realistic role instead of the perky, too.good.to.be.true characters she has played in the past, did good acting wise.
I read that the director originally wanted Nicole Kidman for this role.
I believe it suits Meg Ryan more.
Nicole would be too much of a distraction.
I'll watch it again before I return it to the video store later.
Well not the entire movie, just a 3 minute shot of you know who! ;)

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