Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Arabian nights
Here I am on a very wet stormy night, the wind is howling and the rain is splashing against my windows ... But I'm going to post about the desert.
The Arabian desert specifically off the outskirts of Dubai.
The pit stop for this leg of the Amazing race.
It brought back pleasant memories.
Watching the teams race through one of my favorite cities in the world.
They did all the normal 'weekend' activities I'd indulged in Dubai.
Except of course for the sky diving.
I wasn't crazy enough to try that.
Desert safari, driving through the sand dunes, riding a camel as well as sleeping under the stars on the sands in a sleeping bag is so much fun.
Of course there are other nocturnal activities I can talk about which you can do in the desert.
But I won't go there. ;)
I won't incriminate myself. LOL
This episode made me miss Dubai more than I care to admit.
Anyways, I wished:
They locked Colin up in that African prison.
The way he treats Christie is really awful.
My God, what a jerk!!!
That the twins were the ones eliminated this week.
Instead of Mirna and Charla last week.
I hope they show more of Dubai, the city itself next week.
Now I'll go watch it again on AXN at midnight.
It's great that I can watch the Amazing Race several times during the week.
I always do. I love this show!

I just want to add a few points I missed earlier:
  • The Burj al Arab hotel is spectacular in terms of design and architecture. But it is way too expensive and only heads of states and filthy rich Arab sheiks can afford to stay there. I personally think it is way too gaudy and too flamboyant for my taste.
  • Riding a camel is not very comfortable, the hump rubs against your back and you need to hold on tight so you don't flip over. The ride is jerky and it is only ok for short distances.
  • Desert Safari is not for the faint hearted. Those sand dunes are very soft and if your driver isn't experienced, the vehicle can topple over.
  • I prefer wadi bashing which is a drive through a valley. A 4 wheel drive vehicle is used to navigate through narrow passage ways leading to an oasis between the mountains. It can be quite shaky because you are driving over stones and pebbles. But it really rocks! Literally :)

  • Favorite quote for this episode:
    Colin [at the police station in Tanzania] asks the officer:
    "Do you speak English?"
    The police officer replies back at him:
    "Do you speak Swahili?"
    That was hilarious!!! LOL

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