Monday, August 30, 2004

Saturday morning I was about to shut the windows close when I saw a tiny brown butterfly hovering on the window sill.
It fluttered its wings and flew to the right side of the windows.
I didn't know it was possible for a butterfly to fly that high.
All the way up to the 12th floor.
Well obviously they can. It was there.
I wanted to take its picture but by the time I go all the way up to get my digicam, I know it won't be there anymore.
Besides I was in a hurry because I was leaving for my parents' house.
Yesterday after a full lunch of home cooked meals, I wandered outside to water the plants when lo and behold I saw another butterfly.
It was the same color and pattern as the one on my 12th floor window sill.
If I didn't know any better, I would say it was the same one!
So I start to freak out.
You see I don't really believe in signs.
The last time I actually asked for one and got it, I cried for a whole week.
Well not the sign itself but the reason why I asked for it.
Oh I guess you get the picture.
No, I didn't ask for a butterfly. I asked for a blue rose.
So I stopped consciously or unconsciously to seek them out.
Now it seems everywhere I go ... I see butterflies.
On National Geographic when I was flipping channels.
On a website when I was researching for some technical stuff.
Even one on a junk mail in my mailbox.
And of course on my very own blog.
I wonder if it is indeed a sign.
A sign of what. I have no idea.
I didn't really ask for anything in particular.
Now I'm obsessed or rather I'm restless.
And when I get restless, I either cut my hair or dump boyfriends.
Yes! Indeed that's what I did/do.
But I like my hair the way it is right now.
And I don't have a boyfriend to dump.
I will just satisfy myself with html codes and scripts.
And scout for a new layout.
Naturally it would feature butterflies.

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